Is there a hereditary link between genetics and obsessive compulsive disorders?

Many disorders and diseases are found to be inherited from the parents which is why one of the very first questions a doctor would before diagnosis of your sickness is ‘Is there a family history of the disease?’ Family health history plays a very important part when diagnosing someone with a health issue. More commonly many underlying health issues are hereditary and passed down through the generations. Here we will discuss the if there is a link between the following:

Genetic disorders are those which caused by some affect in genes, genes contain all information about individual’s characters.

Obsessive Compulsory Disorder(OCD), is actually more of a mental health condition in which a person suffers obsessive and recurrent thoughts and begin to persistently act out repetitive compulsive behaviours. This is the reason why they will become obsessed about doing the behaviour again and again into a vicious cycle in order to get rid of that obsessive thin. Studies and research completed suggests OCD is affected by a culmination of environmental, psychological and genetic factors.

So Is there a genetic link?

From the research and studies conducted, experts have yet to find a specific gene that causes OCD suggesting that other factors play a more influential role in the development of the disease. It is more common for another family member to develop the disorder if someone else in the family such as a parent or sibling already has the disorder indicating that environmental factors play a more defining role of the development of the disorder.

However, more studies have suggested that there may be a genetic defect in the frontal lobe of the brain within people with OCD which, affects the communication with the deeper parts of the brain which opens up the possibility that obsessive compulsive disorders are in a way linked genetically.

Taking away the genetic factor, OCD can be caused by many other factors as mentioned above such as environmental and psychological.

Since OCD is a form of mental health issue, the development of such a disorder can stem from experiences and beliefs learned and created as a habit from a very young age in a family environment. Other causes can be from psychological and emotional trauma such as families dealing with a loss or those that have endured long periods of abuse can contribute to the development.